Why is it than when life gives you something it always comes with a trade off?

Am sure that if had met Karen when I was a twentysomething, I would have enjoyed countless parties all night long. I would have been by her side, day in, day out. But at 40, life somehow changes and party gives way to rest, and with that, there’s a trade off. How can we really connect, if the moments she holds dearest, are those that I want to avoid?

So much time been waiting for a relationship like this and it comes at a moment that I can’t savior it at is fullest. But would that fullness had spoiled the reward? Would it had made it less appetizing?

Such are these crossroads, when must pick and choose only the moments that matter most to both (or me?) and risk passing on those that might matter most to her.

Is that why the call it, a mid-life crisis, ’cause you’re split in half trying to cope with the life you had and with the life you can bare?

Not sure, but interestingly I’m sure am going to find out (in due time?