Sometimes things are built to last, but sometimes, they are meant to be momentary.
As much as one wants to make then stay, they must pass on, so they are left on memory ready to be retrieved when the time’s right. Else they’ll degrade and fade, and the useful lesson would be diluted with the common day to day.
That’s what happened to our friendship between Karen and I.  Although at times, I think I should have moved further and made her my companion for life, I now know that we weren’t meant for each other, stuck on our own life and times and only meeting on those pleasant moments when we really needed the companionship.
Today I find out she’s marrying her sweetheart on May June of next year. Although it saddens me, I know deep inside it’s the best for both of us and time will tell if we’ll ever meet again. With that said, we’ll always be friends, but those friends that live on memory retrieved only when the time’s right.
G/d knows when that time will be, but in the mean time, better cherish the last moments we’re together than regret what could have been and wasn’t.
Best Wishes my sweet Karen.