If you have patience…

It can take from Dallas to Los Angeles, if you go by plane.  It can take you from Washington, D.C. to New York if you travel by high speed train.

But sometimes it can take you just a couple feet away.

Division Plate at Reynosa-Hidalgo International Bridge

That’s what daily people live, when commuting from Reynosa, Mexico to Hidalgo, Texas. Endless morning hours spent to travel a distance no greater than 250 feet. If you want to do the math, that would be just a couple steps per minute.

But the change they witness, it’s like landing in another planet. Not because Hidalgo is a world class city (it isn’t, it’s just a dusty south Texas border town), but because Reynosa is a testimonial of two converging problems that shouldn’t have converged in the first place.

First, it’s a place for people who wait; not only those in line to cross the border, but also thousands of people for all over the place (Guatemala, Honduras, south Mexico, etc.) who are there waiting for a chance to cross the border over to the–once existing–American Dream.

Secondly, it’s the place where drug traffic and arms dealing converge in an absurd way. Arms go south, drugs go north. Money flows both ways.

If it weren’t from it’s border, Reynosa would be another place. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be better.

But at this moment in time, this is not good, as war has erupted and few people are really willing to being there, if given the chance. But since most people there wait, leaving is not an option, as that would left others their place in line. ‘Cause that’s the reason for waiting. If it weren’t possible at all, no one would even take the time to wait.

So people are used to wait, even if waiting is for a better life. Or waiting for this war to stop. Either way, when you don’t know how far’s the wait, waiting seems for ever. Even if on the surface, the voyage is just a few feet away…